Custom Sport Mouthguards / Nightguards in Maple

Custom Sport Mouthguards at Family Dentistry in Maple
Mouthguards in Maple

If you've enrolled your child or yourself into hockey, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, self defense or any contact sport or activity, you have undoubtedly created a list of safety equipment that you will need. If a mouth guard isn't on your list of equipment, ADD IT NOW!

While over the counter mouthguards are available and offer some protection, we suggest speaking to us about a custom fitted mouthguard.

A professionally created mouthguard will protect the teeth, gums and bone structure by molding properly during use. Over the counter models may prevent teeth from chipping or getting damaged, but are not made to protect the important structures that support the teeth. Our Maple Dental Office can create mouthguards for you or your child, ensuring that your activities are safer for your smile.

Nightguards in Maple

If you are suffering with frequent headaches, toothaches, sore jaws or Bruxism (teeth grinding) every night, a nightguard may be the treatment for you. A nightguard is recommended to be worn during sleep as it helps prevent your teeth's surfaces from grinding against each other and reduce tension on your Temporomandibular joint (jaw joint). Since nightguards create a thin barrier between your upper and lower teeth, this can reduce the noise from grinding your teeth and help protect your teeth from the effects of Bruxism, which includes tooth chipping or cracking.

At Family Dentistry in Maple, we offer custom-fitted nightguard to help realign your jaw and bring you comfort while you sleep. Your mouth first needs to be carefully examined so that a good quality and comfortably-fit nightguard is uniquely made for your needs. If you are experiencing symptoms that may require nightguards, contact our dental office at Family Dentistry in Maple, located on Keele Street just one block North of Major Mackenzie Drive.